First go to sign into your account, and go to the Theme Section


Let's Start to Install

The Theme is in your Purchased Folder (Theme) .zib file.
The lyse-theme.xml file.
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Is important you choose already the right file. Upload it to your ( by

Follow These Steps in the Image above

1. First click on the THEME Section
2. Second click on BACKUP/RESTORE Section a Modal will open to Upload the Theme
3. Choose your lyse-theme.xml file and Upload Finally

To SetUp the Mobile Version, watch the Video introduction Guide.

Follow these steps in the Video, how to get your own Instagram Api Token Key for your Instagram Widget Stream Feed. If you Need Help? Please feel free to contact us Here

After you have generated your Instagram Api Code. Copy&Past it into your Blogger Widget. Safe It. That's it, have fun.

See Introduction in the Video below:

To SetUp the Pinterest, watch the Video introduction Guide.

Let's see how SetUp Pages, Navbar, Titels, Categories, Labels

Let's see how SetUp Categories + Labels?

Add Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Links

Let's see how to Set Up Theme Details.

Add the READ MORE button bellow the Posts on the MainPage and Get Ready with the Posting Posts.

How do Customize the Theme and Template with the Blogger Template Designer